This summer has involved a lot of swimming!  So I decided to join in the swimsuit making fun that seems to have been going around bloggy land for the past few years. (There is a kid’s swimsuit roundup for inspiration at the end of this post.)

Since my oldest needed a new suit – she’s getting so tall – I decided to make her a 2 piece with a skirt in hopes that it will last more than one year. She grows up and the suit goes with her, at least until the skirt stops covering up her belly! Around the same time I read The Sewing Rabbit’s Scirocco Bathing suit DIY. I was super-excited about it because I have the Figgy’s Scirocco pattern and hadn’t had time to use it to make a dress just yet.  

Scirocco Swimsuit

The Sewing Rabbit tutorial is more true to the dress, using one of the flounces from the Scirocco pattern for the swimsuit skirt. I decided to use mesh to make a 3 tiered “ballet-style” skirt. I used the top of the Scirocco to make the top of the suit though, and I love the twist on the back. As well as looking great it also provides some good tension across the back so the suit stays on properly.

I got my swimwear fabric at an amazing store in Hamilton, Ontario called Ann’s Fabrics. More about them in this post. I bought about a metre of outer fabric and lining and used up a lot more than I was expecting making this suit. I had forgotten that the back of the suit needs to be self-lined so the twist works properly. I’m hoping that I have enough left to make another (less involved) suit for my youngest.

The sizing was tricky, to make it small enough to fit her properly I ended up keeping the length and taking in the sides until the actual pattern piece was smaller than the 18 month sized Scirocco. Most of the tutorials that I read suggest making the bodice 1 or 2 sizes smaller than the size you would normally make – so that seems about right. I also think that the twist on the back gives the suit bodice a lot more give, so you need to make it a lot smaller than you think to fit properly.

I made the bottoms by copying some high-waisted underwear of my daughter’s – again, trying to keep the suit around as long as possible by making the waist on the bottoms higher! I love that this also allowed me to make a swim bottom that actually covers her bottom (hee hee). Here’s to modest swimwear that we can all be proud of because we made it!

Love this smile!

To finish off, some kids swimwear tutorials from around the web. Have fun!

Have you made a swimsuit for your little one – or maybe for yourself? Comments make the world go ’round! Share what you know and help another poor soul out there that could benefit from your sewing wisdom!