I made these bookmarks for my kids a while ago. We were having trouble keeping track of the latest chapter/story in their bedtime books. These work great and are a bit tricky for kids to remove – so they actually stay in the books! Since the elastic is wrapped around the book you (or your kids!) can pick the book up move it around without fear of losing your place.

The Scrappy Fabric Bookmark 

These are great for using up all of your tiny cute scraps. I cut out some alphabet flannel I stashed and used that to monogram each bookmark. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials for different kinds of scrappy bookmarks – but the cute scrappy part is always hidden inside the book.  With this type of bookmark the elastic is inside of the book holding your place and the cute scrappy part is on the outside of the book for everyone to see!

The concept is similar to the pocket bookmark I posted a tutorial for a few weeks back.  Here’s a quick rundown on how to make them.

(1) Cut some scraps and stitch them together however you’d like to create a rectangle roughly the height of your book + 1/2″ all around. (2) Cut a piece of elastic that is the height of your rectangle. (3) Cut a lining/backing piece that is the same size as your rectangle. (4) Use medium woven interfacing to interface your lining/backing. (5) Place the scrappy rectangle and lining rectangle right sides together with the piece of elastic sandwiched between them. Pin the elastic ends in the centre of each short end of the rectangle. (6) Stitch around the outside edge of the rectangle with a 1/4″ seam allowance – leaving a 1.5″ opening on one side. Make sure to double stitch over the elastic when you get to it. This will reinforce the elastic so it won’t pull out. (7) Clip your corners and turn the bookmark right side out. (8) Iron in the seam allowance on your opening and topstitch all the way around the bookmark. DONE!

On a different note! You may (or may not) remember that we had another sewing club meeting a few weeks ago. As usual I didn’t have a chance to take photos (again, got to get better at that!). Thankfully a couple of the people who came were able to take photos of their finished library totes (tutorial by Noodlehead) and send them to me. Aren’t they cute! This is a really great project that didn’t take too long to make and everyone who showed up got to take a finished one home!

Love the fabric and colours on this one! The basketweave woven material on the handle looks really great!

This one is made out of super cute laminated cotton. What a great idea! Easy to clean and very durable. It is made extra wide to hold her daughter’s picture books at the library!

This is the one I made. It is made thinner to hold my daughter’s Awana book and vest. The pre-quilted material is fun to work with. It was nice to use up some of my stashed fabric too.

My daughter has just “lost” her afternoon nap. I suppose you can’t expect her to nap forever! I’m in the process of trying to teach her how to have a “Quiet Time” in her room, but for now she is sitting across from me while I post this. And, for the record, it has taken me about twice as long as usual to get to the end. What with potty breaks, stickers needing removed from their backing and her needing a colouring buddy! My new reality…. I have no hope… who could resist this face?!