I had to think really hard for what I was going to make my Father and Brother-In-Law for Christmas. They both love golf, but what to make that was going to actually be useful?

The Golf Towel

The idea for these towels came from a tutorial I found here. From there I basically went my own way. Though I think her idea of the corner is good, my husband – who also likes golf – thought it might not be so useful.

I used an absorbent bath towel with a chevron print for the back and some manly looking prints for the front.

These are super-easy to make in batches of 4 towels, or 2 of each as I did.

Mini Tutorial: 1) Cut your towel into 4 equal pieces (cut once lengthwise and once width-wise). 2) Cut your fabric to match the size of the towel quarters. 3) Place both pieces right sides together and sew, leaving a 3″ opening on one side. 4) Turn right side out, iron, topstitch close to the edge all of the way around (and closing the opening). 5) Add a large grommet in one corner and you are done!

Labeled and ready to gift!