For those of you who are on pins and needles waiting for the Mini Art Kit Printable Topper – you are in luck! Here it is. I posted the instructions for the mini birthday goodie bag kit last week and here is the finishing touch.


1) Use the Mini Art Kit (mini) Tutorial to make the kits.

2) Download and print out the topper on cardstock – Download: Mini Art Kit Topper

3) Cut out the toppers (assuming you are making more than one). Now, use a craft knife to cut the outside edge of the handle – see red line in the photo. Do not cut the bottom flat edge of the handle!

4) Fold the topper on the fold lines – see the red dotted lines below. When you are folding, do not fold the handle, it should stay flat and stick up above the fold when you are finished (see the photos of the finished product for reference.)

5) Place the topper over the zip-edge of the bags you used and staple it twice, once on each side. Voila – you are done!

For those of you excited for Christmas I’m going to post a few Christmas sewing projects over the next few weeks. Get ready to sew something!