I’m happy to share another tutorial with you today! And another baby tutorial with the most perfect baby fabric – Cuddle by Shannon Fabrics! Sew Sisters Quilt Shop has sponsored this tutorial and you can find the Play ‘n Snuggle Mini Blanket Tutorial on their blog.

This tutorial incorporates Dimpled and Solid Cuddle fabric – the softest fabric ever! I’ve got a fun idea I’m hoping to pull together for some simple kid Christmas gifts using it, and I think my husband would like one too. Perfect for Cuddle-ing. (See what I did there!) Sew up this beginner friendly afternoon project for your baby or someone else’s.

You can find the tutorial on the Sew Sisters blog –  Play ‘n Snuggle Mini Blanket Tutorial!

+ Make sure you head over for your chance to win the Cuddle you need to make the blanket!