Alright, so, think back about 6 days…. Saturday…. right – you were on your computer super excited to check out the tutorial I promised and…. nothing, no new tutorial. I know, you were devastated… Sorry about that, Let’s try again!

Before we begin, my youngest daughter is on a kick that everything is Super Super SUPER { Insert Word Here}. So that is the inspiration for today’s title, kids are good for that!

I have seen tutorials for these online – so it’s nothing new. But I did photograph this thing like crazy, so it may be the most detailed tutorial out there now! Also, I have included instructions on how to fussy-cut your fabric so the part you want to see shows up where you want it when you are done!

Also, this is a super super SUPER good (I know, don’t wear it out!) project for beginners. It requires being able to cut squares and sew straight lines. It is even easier if you use a charm pack {Pre-cut 5″ fabric squares}.

You will need:  5 pieces of 5″ square fabric, iron, pins, sewing machine, scissors

1) Cut your fabric into 5″ squares – 4 for the front and 1 for the back. If you want to fussy-cut the square, make sure the image you want to show on the front of your finished coaster fits within an imaginary 2.5″ square in one of the corners (see the photo).

2) You should now have 4 fabric squares for the front and 1 fabric square for the back.

3) Iron the front fabric squares in half.

4) Now you should have this:

5) Start arranging your newly ironed rectangles together for sewing, place your first rectangle flat on your table with the ironed edge on the bottom.

6) Place the second rectangle on top of the first with the ironed edge to the right side.

7) Place the third rectangle on top of the second with the ironed edge on the top.

8) Place the 4th rectangle on top of the third and under the first (see photo) with the ironed edge to the left side.

9) You should now have a square again. The way the fabric looks now is how you will see it when you are finished. If you have fussy-cut your fabric, make sure your fussy-cut portion is showing where you want it. If not, move the fabric pieces around and follow steps 5-8 again until it is right.

10) Pin the backing square over your stack of rectangles, right side down. Pin all 4 corners and make sure all of the sides are even.

11) Stitch around the square with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Note to beginners: Stop 1/4 ” away from all of your corners with your needle down, pick up your presser foot, pivot your fabric, lower your presser foot and begin to sew down the next side.

12) Trim the corners of your coaster. This removes bulk and the coaster will have sharper corners when you turn it.

13) This is the hardest step to write down, but trust me on this one… See where the ironed edges of your fabric meet in the middle? Pull on one of the pieces and it will create an opening. Turn your coaster inside out through that opening… here’s a photo.

14) Now, push out all of your corners with a crochet hook, knitting needle, the end of your scissors, a pencil (be careful not to push too hard, they are pointy!).

15) Iron your coaster.

16) Done!

Now you can choose to make a whole set of colour-coded coasters for your family.

Line them up on the counter and never guess who’s glass was who’s again! Trust me, it saves a lot dishes, you don’t need to grab a new glass each time!