Hello Quiet Bookers! Today’s post is a planning ahead post. Since we are going to need a pretty specific fabric for the puzzle page in a month or so I thought it would be good to plan ahead and let you know now.

When I made this page I used Sheri Berry Designs fabric. The print is “Child’s Play with Kate & Nate”, Pattern 6682. I got the flannel version from my local quilt shop. It repeats every 12 or so inches. If you want to be safe, you will need 2 of each pattern because they are next to each other in the print and you need to cut matching notches into the sides of each. I would recommend a 1/2 metre – then you can have extra to make a great game of memory for your kids when they get older!

The print comes in very boy blue and very girl pink, so if you are making a unisex book it might be helpful to find another print you could use. Something with a long animal or other pattern that can be matched up. Each puzzle piece is 2″ tall x 2 3/4 – 3″ wide. So you will need a print that is 5 or 6″ long so it goes across both puzzle pieces. I checked in my stash and actually found it quite difficult to come up with something suitable. So check your local shops and bring your ruler!

Of course you don’t have to buy anything specific if there is a perfect piece in your stash. See you next week to work on another page!