So, on Sunday I was doing a little of this…

Which turned into a lot of this…

Which (when finally finished with the seam ripper, thankfully!) – turned into this…

I have finished the quilt top – hooray! I am so excited. All of the things I dreaded (mentioned here and here) haven’t happened and I am done! (Sorry for the super predictable “clothespin the quilt on the fence” photo. I’ll do better next time.)

I bought Denyse Schmidt’s Proverbial Quilt pattern a few years ago and have been waiting for a good quote so I could use it to make her pattern. Since you might be wondering why the quilt says what it says, I will tell you!  When I was small my mom made myself and my siblings each a cross stitch wall hanging that said “Jesus Loves You” along with our name. That cross stitch hung on my wall for all of the years I lived in my parent’s house – as far as I can remember. I dug it out of our crawl space (quite a feat – trust me!) so I could show it to you.

Since my family’s faith is very important to us, and I am a bit sentimental (!) I decided to make the same quote into something for my girls. As each stitch goes into the quilt I hope my girls someday understand how much I care about them, and how I spent so many hours making it just for them. The same, I imagine, as my mom felt when she was making our cross stitch hangings. Hopefully they will keep their quilts as long as I will keep my mom’s handiwork.

Sentiment aside, (though a bit teary eyed), I’m excited to get the backing finished, since it is not quite as involved (thank goodness!). Then I can get to the really scary bits – like trying to machine quilt and bind it! Anyone have any tips I’d love it if you would leave a comment!

Now the old meets the new – and the legacy continues – wouldn’t it be great if my girls decided to love sewing and make something like this for their kids… hmmm… their kids?! What am I thinking!

I will be taking a bit of a break to spend some time with family over the weekend – but I’ll be back on Monday with another great project to show you! (And of course, you can follow me on Twitter to see what I’m up to even when I’m not here. Oh, and if you follow me on Twitter – put a comment on the giveaway post for an extra entry!)

Have a really great Easter! And, of course – take some time out to enter the giveaway! Enjoy spending time with your family! Sew something… maybe a shirt or two? I know a few good tutorials for that!