I have the “stuff” to make 3 quilts right now. I am working on these quilts using this pattern by Denyse Schmidt for my kids, and a t-shirt quilt for my husband. He has a bunch of shirts he doesn’t wear but can’t get rid of, so this quilt has been in the works for about 6 months now.  I think I will post the progress of these quilts as I go so I feel as if I am getting somewhere!

Since I posted the fabric for my girls’ quilts I have found the last few pieces of fabric for my oldest’s quilt, followed by a photo of the fabric palette all together.

In the meantime I am working on the quilt for my youngest. I have three letters finished so far. I’m not crazy about the florescent green stripe on the top of the “E” – but I’m hoping it will blend in, or I’ll have to make another one.

Since I am a bit of an organizer (read – perfectionist, logic nut, order freak) I have decided on a method for making the lettering that won’t make my brain hurt from lack of order and also saves me from having to make creative decisions while cutting out the seven-zillionth tiny piece for the lettering.

I have created 2 fabric stacks, one green one for the letter backgrounds and 1 purple one for the lettering itself. I am then using the fabrics (in stack order from top to bottom) to cut out each numbered pattern piece for the quilt in order before sewing them together. The pattern pieces are numbered in the order you should sew them in, so you can see how the logic saves my brain a lot of work.

The whole process just requires that you follow the rules, and when your fabric stack is finished, flip it over and start again. (I know – perfectionist, logic nut, order freak!) It is saving me from going crazy thinking about how I might accidentally use one fabric more than another or piece two things together that look too much the same. (I will note here that anyone in my family or who knows me well is on the floor laughing by now at how ridiculously true this is of me. I really, really like to be organized!)

Fabric Stacks.

Cut out letter pattern pieces.

That’s all for now. I did think that if I made one letter every day I would be finished by the end of March… I should really start that!