Ooof! When I began sewing, I HATED re-threading my machine. Even though it was quick, it was just so annoying to do! Now that I’ve sewn a bit longer I don’t hesitate to change thread colours to match what I’m making. I promise it does get easier!

Unfortunately, I have a stack of old projects with crazy coloured thread that I wish I had taken the time to change. Taking a few extra minutes really does create a better, more professional result! (Next maybe I should tackle a post about re-threading the serger. But I think you’ll have to give me a few years to master it first!)

4 Steps to Re-thread Your Sewing Machine (and fill the bobbin!)

P.S. Quick Tips: It does matters which way the bobbin turns when you insert it. And don’t forget to use the thread guides near the needle – they make a big difference!

Let me know how it goes – and more importantly – what project you’re working on! I’d love to see it!