It’s your week, sew something for yourself!

Welcome to Selfish Sewing Week! I’ve sewn a lot more for myself lately, and it feels GOOD. The more I make, the simpler it is to figure out a good fit. It’s taken lots of time and I still end up with things I don’t wear, but, Good News! The more you sew for yourself the easier it gets!

I was over the moon to get asked to write about a Corporate-Themed sewing project on the Indiesew blog today. I know, I don’t have an office job – so you’ll have to click over and see why I chose that theme for my post! 

Indiesew and Imagine Gnats have put together another Selfish Sewing Week – permission to sew for you, and only you. Just in case you needed it! (Plus, as usual, there are lots of prizes to win!)

What do you use your Selfish Sewing time for?