I used to find turning fabric right side out, for things like straps and sashes, really tedious. Then I read this amazing tip from Made by Rae. She explains how to turn a tube of fabric right side out using a safety pin. The trick is – where you place the safety pin! This is AMAZING, and it’s so easy!

I find that this type of sash is the trickiest to turn because you need to stitch up one end of the tube before you need to turn it. I used this trick to turn some sashes when I made my girls’ Easter dresses this March, and I’m just blogging it now – a little late, but perfect for this series!

 You will need:

  • Your sash fabric, ironed in half lengthwise, right sides together
  • A chopstick
  • A safety pin
  • Matchy thread, Sewing machine, etc.

(1) Make sure you have all your materials. (2) Draw a 45 degree angle on the end of your sash, start the angle in the corner on the folded side of the fabric. (3) Open the fabric and attach a safety pin near the fold – about 1” away from your angle mark. (I drew in the 45 degree line as an example, it will not be on the right side of your fabric) (4) Re-fold your fabric with the safety pin inside, stitch along the open side of the fabric (not the folded side!) and along the angled end (5) Trim along your 45 degree line. (6) Trim the corner to reduce bulk, don’t cut your stitches! (7) Use the safety pin to start turning the sash. (8) Turn the sash right side out. (9) Carefully push out the corners with your chopstick. (10) Press, you’re done!

How do you turn tubes and sashes? 

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