Your everyday, super normal glue stick is a wonderful “pin replacing” sewing tool. If you have been around Thread Riding Hood even for a short while you’ll already know this one! I did a quick search for the words “glue stick” and here is the round-up. Check out how many ways you can use one. This list will have you raiding your craft supplies in no time!

(1) Attach a Zipper (2) Hold a label ’till you sew it on {Tote-able Towel: Step 20} (3) Attach Piping (4) Hold an Applique in place {Ruffled Easter Egg Tee: Step 16}  (5) Attach Velcro {Reusable Snack Bag Review, Sew Much Ado Diaper/Tote a la Thread Riding Hood: Step 2}

(6) Attach Knee Pads and Ribbon {Simple Shorts with Heart Knee Pads: Step 7, Simple Shorts with Oval Knee Pads: Step 6, Simple Sport Shorts: Step 3} (7) Hemming {Change a Zipper Pull: Step 9} (8) My favorite! Keep your kid busy by recycling printed pattern scraps!

Have you tried using a glue stick when you sew?

Tomorrow – Sew Essential! #10. Only 5 more days to go until we announce the giveaway winner and a Sew Essential! Round-Up Post.