Alright folks – It’s time for our Sewing Survey Saturday #2! But first…

The results of the first Survey are in and… it’s a tie! Apparently everyone gets most of their fabric from their Local Quilting Shop and Online. Makes sense and I think I was expecting that. I’m on the fence too – though I lean towards the Online option. I just have issues choosing colours, since the photos are not generally true to the actual colour of the fabrics – so matching is tricky. Does anyone have a solution for that? I like to make good friends with my favorite online shops so I can ask them (nicely) to (please, pretty please) tell me if what I’ve chosen matches before I buy it! Another way around that is to only buy fabrics in a certain line – so you know they match. Unfortunately I seem to be wired to make my own matches… so I will continue to love my online store owners – Thank you!

Survey #2! Here’s an easy one for right before the Holidays… Only 11 more sewing days until Christmas! (Survey is open for 1 week – check back for the results.)

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