Can I say I am soooo excited to have been asked to be on Abby’s pattern tour.  I have been reading Sew Much Ado for at least 3 years now and love what she does. I’m sure you’ve seen her super-cute Mommy and Mia apron pattern (my version here), the Ruby Lou doll, and my all-time favorite diaper bag!  But… today I get to talk about her great new pattern for girls. (And according to Max California – maybe boys?!)

The Skipper Top is a dolman sleeve pattern for girls sized for 6 months to 10 years. I’ve raved about dolman sleeve tops before, they go together super-fast because you do not need to set in a sleeve. Abby’s pattern does not disappoint in the style factor either. There are different sleeve hems, hem, neckline and pocket options – so you can make it over and over and never have the same result. As always, Abby’s photos and directions are super informative and easy to follow (geared for beginners). I like that she includes the finished measurements of each size – so you can gauge the ease and sizing better.

I also love that Abby has made this as a pdf pattern. Even though taping pages together takes a bit more time, I tend to sew as inspiration hits and I don’t like to have to wait for shipping! I also like the fact that I can print it out each time I need a new size, easy peasy! Speaking of sizing – this pattern is great. I did check out my kids’ measurement chart before I started, but it worked out that they both needed their ready-to-wear size Skipper Top. The length is great too – it’s on the long side – which I especially like the look of with the waistband and leggings.

As far as fabric, I decided to try and use up some of my stash – since I’ve now maxed out my new bookshelf space! I have mostly plain coloured knits and some stashed Heaven and Helsinki in different prints and colours. Since my youngest will still wear anything I figured this was a good time to cut up the adorable cat knit shirt that doesn’t fit her anymore. (no more toddler shirts, tears…) Since the solid pink was the only knit I had that matched, that was what we went with. My oldest has always been more selective (*cough* loudly opinionated *cough*) and so I let her have a go at choosing her own fabric. And that is how I gained two more pink shirts to add to the stacks around here!

I did manage (as usual, I know…!) to alter a few things on Abby’s amazing pattern. I thought it would be nice, needed to was obligated to add a skirt to my oldest’s shirt – because she would not wear it at all if I didn’t. Thankfully the forced creativeness turned into something I am really happy with. I added a gathered length of knit (double the width of my daughter’s waist measurement) when I stitched on the bottom waist band. Then I turned up the waistband toward the bodice (seam allowances pressed toward the skirt) and stitched it along the sides to hold it in place. For my youngest I added a bit more fullness to the shirt front with some gathers along the shoulder seam. Since she’s still got some toddler-chubs (love them!) fitted shirts don’t always look the best. I’ll be posting a tutorial on that tomorrow.

Enough about me! You are here to check out Abby’s pattern and I am here to tell you I love it! I have already seen what the first four stops on the tour have done (list below), and you can check out today’s other stop on the tour at Mad Mim. I have to say I am especially loving the shoulder patches on the Max California version! I may just have to spend about an hour (yup, it’s that quick to sew!) making one like it for my youngest. And I saw a great dolman sleeve sweater on my sister-in-law this past weekend that I’ve got to try… maybe for KCW next week?

I have to say, the only thing I am disappointed with on my shirts is that I wasn’t able to use quilting cotton for the pockets. When I first saw Abby’s women’s dolman sleeve top (The Seafarer) and now the Skipper Top – I thought that the quilting cotton allowed for a great use of different prints and patterns. Unfortunately because I matched the pocket to the shirt bands I needed to use a knit. Tip if you’re doing that – use medium interfacing on the pocket piece, it helps everything not to wiggle too much while you are sewing, and the top of the heart pocket might be a bit floppy without it as well.

Make sure (while you get distracted checking out the other Skipper Tops on the tour) that you eventually get back to Sew Much Ado to buy the pattern – you can get the Skipper Top here! I felt super professional when I stitched the (optional) 1/4″ clear elastic into the shoulder seams of these shirts – you can too!

Disclosure: I received this pattern free as part of The Skipper Top Pattern Tour. As usual, all opinions are my own.