Ok – just a quick note because I’m feeling like I’m leaving a few people wondering what I’ve been doing lately. Not with the sewing… I’m lucky to be constantly sewing! But with a few regular series’ on the blog that might seem to have disappeared.

1) Sewing Survey Saturday

  • I have fallen off the track on this one. Unfortunately I’ve found it is reasonably difficult to post on Saturdays – even if they are relatively quick to write. This may disappear for a while and come back in the fall once everything returns to a more normal schedule.

2) Made by Me Monday

  • I was feeling quite a bit of pressure to post on Mondays with this series. Due to my “No Stress” sewing resolution I decided that it was better to post on an different day than to rush a stressed post on Mondays. I’m still posting “Made by Me” things every week, just maybe not on Mondays.

3) Quiet Book Sew-Along

  • Don’t worry, we are still on track to finish by the end of November. To be completely honest, I am feeling a tad de-motivated, since I’m not sure anyone is actually sewing-along! But, I want to finish the series, and I should not use that as an excuse… so I will get back to it! Promise! And if you are sewing along, I’d love to know you are out there and I’m sorry for the delays lately.

Hope that helps catch everyone up! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and we’ll talk again soon, and because “every post needs a photo and it’s fun to look at fabric”, here’s a fun (un-sponsored) shot of some fabric I got recently from my local online-turned-brick-and-morter-shop, Mad about Patchwork.