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I love the Bohemian Babydoll dress pattern so much I’ve made 3 of them already and I’ve got a 4th cut out! When I pattern tested it, I was smitten with the high-low bodice and hem, and the girls love how easy and pretty it is to wear. Each of the last 3 I’m sewing have a tutorial attached to them, so you’ll be seeing a few more soon.

This dress, honestly, is in my top 5 favorite things I’ve sewn. I love the Heather Ross, Lilac Frog Pond skirt fabric I found at Modern Bee this spring. They are one of my favorite local quilt shops and I posted a review of their old location under their previous name, last year. (They now ship within Canada and the US!)

These photos are from another Quebec photoshoot, at the Fontaine de Tourny in front of the Parliament Building. I’m not certain we were allowed to stand in the fountain, but it sure was fun (and a bit cold…)! It was a gorgeous day out with great weather. We walked from here, through the old city and made some fun memories we could bring home with caricatures we had drawn of the kids.

Seems this pattern is all over the internet, it’s lovely and simple to make, just Google it to see all of the options. I made this version without the flutter sleeves, so it was extra quick. Elegance and Elephants has quite a few patterns on my to-do list, including some free ones at the bottom of the purchase list! I’m excited to be participating in her Knock it Off series that’s running right now, so you’ll see my knock-off next week!

Ready to add-a-bow to your dress?

You will need:

  • a square of fabric 7″ wide by 7″ high for the bow
  • a rectangle of fabric 3″ wide by 4″ high. for the centre of the bow
  • thread
  • bohemian babydoll pattern (or other pattern where the outside bodice is attached last)

Before going ahead with these steps, follow your pattern instructions until you get to the place where the lining is fully attached and the outside bodice is being attached to the skirt from the outside.

Step 1: Fold the bow fabric and bow centre fabric in half as shown in the photo.

Step 2: Stitch the raw edges of the long rectangular bow centre with a 1/4″ seam. Stitch the two short edges of the bow fabric with a 1/4″ seam. Clip the corners to reduce bulk when turning.

Step 3: Turn the bow and bow centre through the openings. Press flat, making sure the edges and corners are pushed out properly.

Step 4: Pin the edges of the bodice to the skirt, leave a gap at the dress centre front that is about 9″ wide. This is where the bow will be sewn in. Find the centre of the bodice and the centre of the bow rectangle. Pin the bow centre at the centre top of the skirt, with the bow rectangle over it, matching the raw edges of the bow and bow centre with the top raw edge of the skirt. Be sure to centre everything on the dress.

Step 5: Bring the bow centre up around the bow rectangle to create a loop and pin it. Adjusted how tightly the bow is wrapped to what you like, but leave it a little loose so the bow centre can be sewn down in the last step. Trim any excess from the bow centre.

Step 6: Pin the bodice over the bow, aligning all raw edges of the bow, bow centre and skirt top edge when pinning.

Step 7: Top-stitch the bodice to the skirt as indicated in the pattern instructions. This encloses the raw edges and attaches the bow as well.

Step 8: Push the bow up within the bow centre loop and pin the bottom of the bow centre to the dress skirt.

Step 9: Top-stitch along the bottom of the bow centre loop to attach it to the dress skirt, and you are done!

I hope you like this little way to add your own pretty details to a pattern. And of course, I’d love to see your creations. You can share your projects on Twitter and Instagram @sherrisylvester with the hashtag #alongforthreadride or #threadridinghood, or post them on the Thread Riding Hood Facebook page.