A few weeks ago I took a trip to Bee Modern Fabrics and Yarn in Niagara on the Lake. They have been there for 10 years and are excited to be moving to Virgil (about 10 minutes away from their current location) this fall. I first stumbled into their shop a couple of years ago and was excited to see that their selection has grown considerably since the first time I was there.

Their fabric selection is varied – fat quarters, yardage, lots of polka dots (love the dots!)! Monique gave me a detailed tour and was explaining their fabric buying practices. She tends to buy stash-able prints that will work with “that amazing print you just bought online”. Looking around, that is certainly the case.  She has a good selection of solids and lots of blenders and stash builders.

They also have a very large selection of Kaffe Fassett prints in preparation for a visit from Kaffe himself, happening this coming week on October 4th and 5th! If you live in the area you can find more information on their website here. There are two workshops with Kaffe on the list.

They also run a wide variety of sewing workshops including some for kids. One of my favorite parts of the tour was their upstairs workshop area. They have a really nice space for sewing upstairs in their current location – and a larger brighter one planned for their new space. I like that their sewing machines are arranged around one large table so that the sewing can be done while chatting. My kids really took the upstairs space too!

For those of you who knit or crochet, there is an amazing selection of yarn available. I don’t know a lot about yarn – but Monique’s descriptions sounded amazing! They have a wide variety of types and prices, and some GORGEOUS colours! The colour selection of Norwegian Merino machine-washable wool is so pretty, it makes me want to learn how to knit! Their budget-friendly prices are nice to see too. Monique was explaining how their lowest priced yarn – great for donations and church sale projects – is super-soft when washed, not like other similarly priced yarns from large box stores.

They also stock Libery of London fabrics (eek!), so I splurged a tad while I was there, and bought myself a scarf kit. (What else is birthday money good for anyhow!) Bee Fabrics has pre-cut and packaged these kits as an easy way to have an affordable Liberty scarf. Since the width of  the fabric is not long enough to make a nice scarf, this is a great way to have a longer piece without buying the extra fabric to get the length. She also stocks Liberty binding, and of course sells the fabric by the metre as well. Her Liberty Oliver and S Family Reunion dress is so cute!

Just in case that wasn’t enough, Bee Fabrics stocks patterns and books, Rowan thread and wool felt. Monique also orders ribbons, notions and buttons from Europe for the shop. I really appreciate the time she took to tell me about their shop and I’m excited for them as they move into their new location. It is well placed with lots of parking, large bright rooms and a pie shop across the street – what could be better?

I think I might have to organize a trip there after they have moved for a workshop with “The Material Girls” (My newly named monthly sewing club!). I hope you get a chance to check out Bee Modern Fabrics and Yarn. If you do visit, be sure to let me know what you stashed!