Hi there! I’ve been taking in the late-fall weather with a few books and detoxing my house from a month of neglect.

The lead-up to Creativ Festival was full of preparations, and while the event itself was fun, I needed to intentionally take time a bit slower afterward! There has been an overabundance of Creativ Festival talk here in the last month. And I promise we’ll get back to our more regular programming now.

My kids and I with a Janome #makerselfie after a long day!

I have scheduled post ideas all the way up to the end of January. (Eeep – trying to be organized!) They include lots of fun stuff that’s been sewn and waiting, new tutorials and Christmas things!

It’s hard to sum up my experience at Creativ Festival this year. Instead of my usual booth perusal and fabric stashing, I concentrated on my workshop, speaking engagements and emceeing Project Creativ Catwalk. Quite a step away from my usual behind-the-computer life – and I’m excited to be slowly learning how to get better at speaking. Even when they put me up on a huge stage riser!

Be Brave and Sew – Day 1. My daughter’s Easter dress is one of my most favorite makes.

Be Brave and Sew – Day 3. My wheeled Bluefig bag was perfect to transport everything for each show.

Yikes that stage was high!

I want to give a huge shout-out to the fabric shops that provided giveaways and discounts for everyone that came out to the Be Brave and Sew Talks. Sew Sister’s Quilt Shop for their super-cute Tula Pink Bundle. Fabric Please! for the Farm Fun Panels, Charm Packs and discount cards. And Meerkat Shweshwe for their great discount cards as well.

Fabric Please! a Canadian Online Fabric Shop. Check out the Moda Stacy Tsu Farm Fun Panel animals on the top shelf.

 Sew Sisters Quilt Shop. LOVE that they covered their tables in quilty goodness! Check out their Tula Pink fabrics.

Meerkat Shweshwe‘s unique fabrics are imported from South Africa. Check out more details along with this free pinafore tutorial!

I’d be hugely remiss not to mention Janome – so much thanks to them for all of their support! They sponsored all of my events and introduced me to so many amazing people over the 3-day event. (Plus I love their machines!)

My Design Diva Apron in the Janome Maker Studio. Get the free pattern!

The Maker Studio had so many projects from the new M Series Look Book – and most are free tutorials/patterns!

Love this giant tomato pin cushion at the Janome Booth. It was about 10″ across!

Last, but not least… I am so thankful and grateful to my husband for his amazing support of this blog and everything I do. He came out every day to out postcards and giveaways, help with set-up and take-down, shuttle kids and props around and was kind when my tiredness and nervousness took over. I do not know what I would do without him. (Ok – gotta quit – getting teary eyed over here.)

I’m still taking it in and am sure all will come out in some sort of emotional post when it’s ready. For now, here are some more photo highlights of everything that happened.

Mona, one of my workshop attendees with her daughter’s new Fat Quarter Skirt!

Gorgeous quilts in the Lens Mills display – I really should have gotten some close ups of these!

Tamara Kate’s “Whatever the Weather” quilt is a free Sew Along on the Janome Life blog.

Rachelle from That’s Sew Venice thought to take a selfie of us. I never remember!

I love meeting blog readers! I happened to run into the lovely Irene, from Irene’s Studio on Day 2. I also found Melwyk from Magpie Makery and my friend Laura from Seams Sew Laura came to visit too!

Cynthia Frenette’s amazing Making Merry Quilt was on display at the Janome Booth. Get the free Mod Pods Matching Pillow tutorial!

Loveliness from Tamara Kate‘s booth where she was selling her fabrics. I had so many photos tried to only pick these three. It was so pretty!