I made another First Day Top! If you’ve been around for a bit you know that’s nothing new (it’s my favorite!)… but this one is extra special. It’s made so I could take photos for the very first post I’ve written for the Craftsy Sewing Blog!

When they contacted me a few months ago I was thrilled to say yes. You’ve likely heard about their online classes or downloaded a pattern from one of your favorite makers there. When I checked out their blog I found it full of tutorials and great information. They even have Free Fabric Friday!

I’m am beyond pleased to be writing for Craftsy! I thought I should write my first post about something I had promised to all of you. A tutorial on how to exactly match your fabric pattern across a zipper opening. I’ve done this quite a few times now and it looks so professional.

Using it with an invisible zipper along with the pattern matching almost makes the seam disappear too! You can see more examples on these dresses and my Violette Field Threads Ginger as well!

And so, we come back to me making this peplum top. I bought the gorgeous floral fabric from Country Clothesline for my oldest a Creativ Festival last spring. My oldest is IN LOVE with floral fabrics and I can guarantee this will be worn so much this summer.

I have to admit, though, that it was tricky to get her to try on her sister’s Cotton + Steel Mustang Top before she’d agree to the style – now she’s hooked! These little tops are easy to wear, fast to make and use up those perfect 1/2 yards (or so) of stashed favorites.

 And of course, since is is summer, face paint is allowed in the photos. Her aunt did such a cute job on this rainbow!

I love the more relaxed photo shoots we can have when there isn’t as much of a schedule. This spot is near a park, which was fun, though next time I will have to remember to bring running shoes. The slippery soled dressy sandals just don’t do a good job when you want to go up the slide “the wrong way”!

I’ll be back this Sunday with the most amazing week in Thread Riding Hood history! Want a hint? Head over to the Thread Riding Hood Facebook page to get the latest updates.