Happy Monday! I am in the middle of my 3rd Project Run and Play sew along project… so this week’s Monday post will be short and sweet. I cannot believe how long it takes thinking up, drafting, making and blogging a new clothing piece for my kids each week! It is so much fun though – I’m really enjoying it. I’ll be posting a teaser on Facebook today I think!

I made up this little drawstring backpack after being inspired by a ladybug one that I saw at a kid’s store a while back. It was the perfect idea to make for a 5 year old whose birthday party happened this last weekend.

Butterfly Drawstring Backpack

I love how the drawstrings come out of grommets in the casing to make the backpack straps. And they are adjustable with some easy button holes, so I got to choose some really great pink buttons (the photo doesn’t do them justice – they are kind of translucent with a bit of swirl) . I’m also happy that the wings stand out as well as they do, since the whole thing was a new project and I wasn’t 100% sure what to use to stiffen them.

It was pretty fun when my husband asked if the design was my own and then being able to tell him it was. The “That’s really impressive!” response was totally worth it! The hardest part though, was telling my daughters that it wasn’t for them… I have now promised to make them each one too! I’ve heard back from the birthday girl’s mom and apparently she likes it – Hooray!

My only dilemma now is how to make the next two – I could go over the top with a mash-up of patterns and colours or make a neutral base with solid coloured wings and spots… hmmm…. which would you make?