I’m not a big fan of darts. The clothing kind – not the throwing kind! Their construction can seem finicky.  And lining up the dart legs drives the perfectionist in me crazy!

Enter stage left,  the Citronille Jackie coat and the Pleated Pencil skirt.  They have 6 to 8 darts each. #aaaaarrrrgggggh     I figured there must be a better way than “fold in half to match dart legs” and came up with a needle & thread hand-basting option that makes my detail-oriented heart super-happy!

If you’ve been here long,  you know that hand sewing of any kind is low on my priority list. So, if I propose doing it, the technique must be either: 1) Amazing or 2) Really, really quick. This technique fills both categories! (If I can say so myself?)

Speed up your sewing! Find out how to get perfectly matched dart legs the easy way in this Crafty blog post.

Thanks for checking it out! What do you think of this technique? Will you use it on your next project?