Okay – third post is a charm? “Make Your Kids DIY Shirts for Easter” week has moved on to the boys. Today we have an appliqued bunny shirt inspired by Pinterest. Though isn’t everything nowadays?! You can download the free applique pattern pieces in the “You will need” list.

Mister Bunny Easter Tee

I’ve added a “read more” button here. Click below to access the rest of the tutorial.

You will need:

  • a plain/coloured/striped tee
  • white knit
  • black knit
  • interfacing (optional)
  • ballpoint needle (for sewing knits)
  • fusible web (I recommend Steam-A-Seam 2)
  • pencil/pen
  • pattern pieces: click HERE for the 1 page printable pdf
  • your usual sewing gear

Before you begin:

  • Print out the pattern pieces (link above) on letter size (8.5″ x 11″) or A4 paper. Important: Do not select “fit to page” when printing, make sure you print at the original size. Once you have printed the pages, measure the 1″ test square to ensure the pattern is the correct size. Cut out the applique pieces on the solid lines (dotted lines are for placement – we’ll use them later).

Here we go:

1) First a small tangent about the fusible web! I use Steam-A-Seam 2 which is AMAZING! It  has a pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides – so you can play with the placement of your applique. You don’t have to iron it until you have the applique cut and on the shirt and in place, and I’ve never had it gum up my needle (which has happened A LOT in the past with other leading fusible web brands.) So – I am a bit biased – go find some, it’s really great. 

2) Moving on! Cut a small piece of black knit that is large enough to fit the hat and mustache of your bunny. Also cut a piece of fusible web that is the same size. Trace the pattern pieces (backwards if using Steam-A-Seam) and cut out the shapes and set aside.

3) Cut a piece of white knit that is large enough for the bunny’s head. If the knit is very thin (like mine was) and the stripes on your shirt show through the white (like mine did) – cut a piece of fusible interfacing and adhere it to the back of your white knit. This will help to make it thicker. Now cut a piece of fusible web for the back as well – trace (backwards if using Steam-A-Seam) and cut out.

4) Lay out the bunny pieces – isn’t he cute!

5) Now get your shirt and place the pieces where you’d like near the top of the shirt. Make sure you like the placement.  Now remove the hat and mustache before you iron! Iron the bunny’s head onto the shirt as per your fusible web’s directions. Use a press cloth so you don’t get any fusible web on your iron.

6) Put the ballpoint needle in your machine. Change the stitch to be slightly shorter than usual. I used a length of 2 on my machine and I would normally sew with a length of 3. The shorter stitch length lets you take your time a bit easier when going around small corners. Stitch around the bunny shape close to the edge. Do not back-stitch at the beginning and end of the shape (see step 7). Pivot to make a neat corner on the tops of the ears.

7) Instead of back-stitching, pull your long threads through to the back using your seam ripper. Now tie all 4 threads together in several knots. The front is much tidier this way.

8) Align your black hat and mustache pieces on the white knit using the dotted lines on the pattern piece as a guideline for where they should go. Iron.

9) Stitch around the mustache and hat. Do not back-stitch (same as before). Pull the threads through to the back and knot them.

10) You’re done! Hooray!

One more to go! I have come up with a 2nd easy applique Easter shirt for boys. This one with a basketball theme. See you on Saturday!