Alright – ready for the 2nd installment of “Make Your Kids DIY Shirts for Easter” week? Here we go! Today’s shirt is made with ruffle fabric, a few embellishments, some ribbon and flowers and of course bows on the sleeve cuffs. Who could resist?!

Ruffled Easter Egg Tee with Bow Cuffs

I have had quite a few shirts given to me from one of the better children’s stores. They have all of the little details on them that good quality shirts should, including cute little bow cuffs. I’ve been wanting to figure out how to make these cuffs for a few years now and this seemed like the best time. Everyone needs a little dress-up for Easter! This shirt has three-quarter length sleeves, so I used a shirt that was a size too big for my youngest daughter – so I would have extra long sleeves to cut off and could use the extra fabric to make the cuffs.

I’ve added a “read more” button here. Click below to access the rest of the tutorial.

Here’s what you need:

  • tee – one size too big, with long sleeves
  • ballpoint needle, for sewing knit fabric
  • ruffle fabric (roughly 6″ square)
  • knit interfacing (roughly 6″ square)
  • embellishments – ribbon/flowers/rickrack etc.
  • tear away stabilizer (roughly 6″ square)
  • all the usual sewing gear

1) First off, iron the knit interfacing to the back of your ruffle knit material. Try to flatten the ruffles in the correct direction before ironing – and put an extra towel on top of your ironing board to make it extra padded. This will help the ruffles not to get too flat while you are ironing.

2) Find an egg shape online or draw one that is approximately 4″ x 5″ – trace it onto a piece of paper and cut it out. This is your pattern piece. Take the ruffle fabric and smooth the ruffles down, place your egg pattern piece on top of them and draw around the egg shape with a water soluble marker. Keeping the ruffles as flat as possible – cut out your egg shape. Set aside for now.

3) Find a three-quarter length sleeve shirt for comparison or cut the following pieces off of the length of each sleeve. For a size 4 shirt I used one 1″ piece of sleeve and 2 3″ pieces of sleeve (see the photo). The blue shirt is my comparison shirt.

4) Cut the 1″ piece of sleeve into 2 pieces 1″ x 3″ each. If your shirt is very small you may need 2 1″ lengths of sleeve to accomplish this.

5) Fold the 1″x3″ pieces in half lengthwise with WRONG sides together and sew close to the edge. Flatten the tube with the seam at the back and iron (see the photo). The top tube in the photo has the seam facing you and the bottom one has the front of the tube facing you.

6) Fold your 3″ pieces of sleeve into short tubes with the raw edges together and WRONG sides together.

7) Turn your shirt INSIDE OUT! Now, pin the cuff to the end of each sleeve, matching the seams. Fold your sleeve in half to find the spot on the cuff that is opposite the seam. Mark it. Grab one of your tiny ironed tubes and wrap it around the cuff at the spot you just marked. Make sure the right side of the tube is showing and the ends of the tube match up. Refer to the 2nd photo below – and adjust the length of the tube to make a “bow” on the sleeve cuff. Pin.

8) Change the needle on your machine to a ballpoint needle. Change the stitch to a long, narrow zig-zag. This will help the sleeve cuff to stretch if needed when your munchkin is wearing it. Stitch around the edges of both sleeves catching the cuff, tube and sleeve all together with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Make sure everything is sewn and then cut off the tube so your edges are even.

9) Turn the shirt right side out. Make sure the cuff is not folded over the end of the sleeve and top-stitch the seam allowance onto the sleeve side.

10) Fold the cuff up onto the bottom of the sleeve at the seam. This will hide your raw edges. Pin the centre of the bow to the shirt sleeve. Pin the seam to the shirt sleeve.

11) Use your water soluble marker to mark a line onto the cuff that matches either side of the middle of the bow. Pin the middle of the bow to the side and stitch on one line to secure the cuff to the sleeve. I used my zipper foot to get close enough to sew on the line. Now pin the middle of the bow to the other side and stitch the other line.

12) Stitch “in the ditch” (along the seam line on the cuff) where you placed the other pin. This will secure the other side of the cuff and prevent the cuff from coming unfolded. You should now have secured the bow cuffs in two places as shown below.

13) Hooray! The cuffs are done – aren’t they cute! Now – back to the applique.

14) Find your scraps of ribbon and lay them on your egg shape until you come up with a combination that you like. I laid all of mine along the top of each of the ruffles.

15) Stitch the ribbons onto the egg shape and trim the extra along the edges. I used a straight stitch through the middle of the flowers and rickrack and a thin zig-zag on the edges of the blue ribbon.

16) Use a glue-stick (or pins!) to place the egg applique on the centre front of your shirt. Grab your tear away stabilizer and cut a piece 6″ square or large enough to fit behind your egg.

17) Pin the stabilizer onto the front inside of the shirt in each corner so it does not wiggle. Pin each edge of the ruffle on the egg shape so they line up with the edge of the egg shape. Select a zig-zag stitch that is wide and close together and stitch around the edge of your applique. The stabilizer will prevent the shirt from stretching, but take your time and go slowly around the corners.

18) Tear off your stabilizer and you’re done!

Now, on to the boys! Let’s just say (since we’re still being punny) that I mustache you something – “Do you like rabbits?!”