(Quick! Go get those empty wrapping paper rolls out of your recycling bin. You’re going to need them!)

I have recently thought it might be fun to post a series on Organizing Your Sewing Room. This is the second post in the series. The first one had a free label printable for organizing your fabric. Since I didn’t really introduce the series the last time, here goes…

I love being organized, (it’s one of our family goals for 2016) and my kids are old enough that we are going to aim high and see if we can get this part of our lives to work better for us this coming year. My sewing room, thankfully, has stayed pretty organized – but only because I’m the only one keeping it in order. And, of course, there is that box of random things under my desk – but we won’t talk about that right now!

I have been using empty wrapping paper rolls to organize supplies for a few years now. They are great for things you don’t want to fold – like clear plastic, vinyl or oil cloth. I really like that they don’t take up much space. You can store them in the end of a shelf, like I do. Or in an upright space, even a tall basket! If you don’t have any wrapping paper rolls handy, you can ask about free cardboard tubes at any fabric store. Sometimes they have empty tubes they would love to get rid of.

Here’s a quick guide, and how to keep what’s rolled up from coming unrolled!

1: Measure the roll to find how long you’d like it to be.

2: Cut it at your measured mark.

3: Roll your supplies – look, no wrinkles!

4: Secure the end with a large paperclip.

 Hope that helps! I’ve got a long list of little tips on organizing, so I’ll be sharing more of how I keep my room tidy(ish) again soon!

What do you use to keep your “un-foldable” supplies handy?

And we have a winner!

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