Here is the last set of quiet book pages PLUS a very important question at the bottom of this post! (Here is the Quiet Book Construction post and the Quiet Book – Pages 1-6 post if you’re looking for it.)

*Update: This Quiet Book is now a Sew-Along! Check out more information inΒ the Overview post.

The 7th page is the Tired Teddy Bear page! This is the wonkiest teddy bear I have made yet! He is crooked and I (still) can’t embroider properly, but this page gets the second most use in our house. For some reason it is awesome as a toddler to put teddy to bed and pull him out again (poor teddy!). I used a small piece of sweater knit to make him cozy, and the quilt ends up being 1″ squares, which is tolerable in a page this small. Teddy’s pillow is a scrap piece of fun fur. He really is cozy in there. Except for the jingle bell in his stomach – that’s really gotta feel a bit uncomfortable!

I love rainbows. And every good kid’s book needs to explain colours – so this page is one of my favorites. I basically found scraps of each colour and stitched them together. The lettering is made with a fabric pen. My favorite part are the wiggly-eye buttons I found somewhere. I stitched them on like crazy and thankfully they didn’t get chewed on!

This car page was almost the death of this project. I didn’t have a piece of this fabric large enough, so I stitched some smaller scraps together. Really… and it really looks like a road still… I know, I’m crazy. And I actually switched thread colours as needed – amazing! It took a while and if I remember right the project was at a stand-still for weeks while I didn’t allow myself to sew anything else until it was done. The unfold-able page also has a zippered pocket so the Square, Circle and Triangle cars don’t go missing. Shapes are important for learning, but are very impractical as a model for cars! They are made out of 2 layers of leather scraps I had around, and lots of patience and slow sewing.

The door/house page was the first one I made. I wanted it as scrappy-looking as possible and it is one of my favorites. For some reason, no matter how many of these books I make, The door knob snap always ends up on the wrong part of the inside fabric. I really should have put the elephant in a different spot, and that will always bug me!

Kids like peek-a-boo and this page is included in countless other quiet books I looked at for inspiration. I made the mitten extra large so it would be easy to put on. The photo can actually be changed because I left an extra-long (kid-proof!) flap on the top of the clear pocket. It folds down behind the photo.

The last page has an abacus of sorts. Only with different amounts of beads on each string. I stitched the life out of this page ensuring that it would be safe for my 1-year-old baby. I think I glued the ends of the strings, then stitched on the rick-rack, then double-stitched… you get the picture. I made these numbers in puffy paint. In hind-sight, I am never going to use puffy paint again – it looks kind of tacky. But it works, and it reminds me of the 1980’s/90’s? – when I was “cool” and wore shirts I made myself, with puffy paint!

So, there you have it – the whole book! What do you think? Are you interested in sewing 1 or 5 of them?

I am curious to know if you would like to make one as part of a Quiet Book Sew Along. We could fit in 12 pages + a cover by the end of November (ie: before Christmas!) if we sewed 1 page every 3 weeks. I would post one part of the tutorial each week, allowing for material collection, sewing and finishing. Interested?Β Leave a comment, and if there is enough interest we’ll do it – so please let me know!