How is your Friday going so far? The weekend is just around the corner. I’ve booked a fun sewing day with two friends today, lots of quilty finishes I hope!

I am thrilled to introduce a fellow Canadian today. Tori from British Farm Wife in Training! She pattern tested for me and then, while I was working out this series, posted a reversible skirt idea on Instagram and…

…Boom! I asked her if she’d like to guest post the pattern hack here and she accepted. So you are all on my strict orders that you visit her blog as collateral for her hard work. *kidding about the orders, of course!* But you should visit her blog, she has mad sewing and photography skills, so it’s gorgeous, and her little boy is a cutie pie too. I love him in this Roller Coast Tee she made!

Check out her clever reversible skirt hack below.

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Fat Quarter Skirt Pattern Inspiration Series (#FQSPinspiration)

I’ll be posting a tutorial or some tips every couple of weeks. ‘Specially made to work with the Fat Quarter Skirt pattern – but of course, to be used as inspiration with your own skirt patterns as well. 

Week 1: Sew a Fleece Fat Quarter Skirt ~ Week 2:  Sew a Reversible Fat Quarter Skirt (this post!)

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Big round of applause for Sherri and this AWESOME pattern!! And thank you for having me here to share my hack on it!

Firstly, a short blurb about myself – My name is Tori, also referred to as the BritishFarmWifeInTraining. I am a Canadian gal who married the love of her life – let’s call him….. theBritishFarmer. We live in the middle of nowhere Manitoba, Canada (smack dab in the middle of the country) where we are raising our son,#britishfarmboyintraining (or Little Mister A). You can follow my adventures and misadventures over here. (When I have time to breath and write about them!)

Now, after I made my first two Fat Quarter Skirts from the Thread Riding Hood pattern for my nieces I had a brilliant idea….


So you get not only ONE cute skirt but TWO!

How hard could that be?

Well firstly, you need to go get yourself a copy of the pattern over here.

Secondly, instead of getting two coordinating fat quarters, grab a third! (Disclaimer: to make this skirt I used 1 fat quarter and 2 normal 1/4 cuts)

NOTE: When picking a fabric for your contrasting bands, pick a non-directional fabric (or one that looks okay upside down)

Now, granted, I haven’t been sewing that long, and honestly, I don’t think I have ever sewed anything to be reversible yet… So there MAY be a better way to do this!

This is just what I came up with (the gist of it at any rate – you should still need the original pattern for the full instructions!). Always remember to press your seams and finish your edges as per the original pattern. And as always, read the whole hack before starting!

Cut four main pieces – 2 from color A and 2 from color B (if you do not want the original length of the skirt to change then cut the fabric 1inch shorter in height). And cut your contrasting bands.

Eight pieces total! (Okay… I actually cheated a little bit because some of the fabric I used was a 1/4 cut, but not an actual fat quarter so my contrasting pieces on my color A are already one continuous strip… only 5 pieces for me…)

Stitch matching fabrics together only along one side (instead of both like suggested in the pattern).

Down to four pieces total! (Now we have the same number of pieces!)

Stitch main fabric color A strip to bottom contrasting band (right sides together) followed by stitching main fabric color B strip to the other side of the band (right sides together).

Down to two pieces total!

Fold the fabric right sides together to color A matches color A, etc. Stitch the edges together to form a tube. Repeat with the elastic casing as well.

Fold the tube in on itself (wrong sides together). Be careful to match up the seams. Top stitch around the contrasting band.

OPTION 1 for elastic casing: Iron the elastic casing in half width wise and iron the main fabrics approximately 1/4inch under all the way around (towards the inside of the skirt). Top stitch the elastic casing into place leaving a 2inch opening to feed the elastic through. Insert elastic and close the opening.

OPTION 2 for elastic casing: Alternately, you can follow the original direction for attaching the elastic casing. This way it will be visible on one side of the skirt but not the other. If you are doing this then you should keep the height of the main fabrics the same as the original pattern.


A cute little skirt made even cuter (since now it is a two-in-one)!

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Wow, thank you so much Tori! The cutest fabric and what a brilliant way to put it all together. I’m going to have to cut one out and finish it up asap, my youngest would love the idea of a reversible skirt!

Plus, if you’ve read this far – congratulations! You are the first to know my fun news, you can win the Fat Quarter Skirt next week during my first-ever Blog Tour! Lots of great fun blogs to visit and prizes to win – check it out starting Sunday, March 5th!