Today we are talking about my bias tape maker. I love it! Handmade bias tape adds a bit of extra umph to your projects, and the colours and patterns (and the price!) sure beats the store-bought stuff! I used this batch of pink hounds-tooth 1/2″ bias tape to make a cute chevron Beach Robe. We gave it away to one of my daughter’s friends as a birthday gift on the weekend. On our side of the world all of the summer stuff is on sale, so you can get two cute beach towels for $4 each. Makes this project add up to about $10.00 (not including your time!).

There are lots of tutorials online for how to make your own bias tape. A couple of links: 5 Yards Continuous Loop method from one Fat Quarter or Using 1 Yard or 1/2 Yard cuts of Fabric Piecing Method. So today I have written a tutorial on how to finish off the ends when you are sewing double fold bias tape.

(1) Leave a 4″ tail of bias tape when you start sewing it onto your project. Stitch the bias tape on leaving a 2-3″ gap of un-sewn tape and another 4″ tail. (2) Fold one bias tape tail back on itself, make sure the fold is roughly half way across the gap you left. Iron with lots of steam. (3) Pin it to hold it in place. (4) Fold the other tail over to meet your first fold, iron with lots of steam to make a good mark. (5) Unpin your tape and unfold it. Pin your bias tape tails right sides together being sure to match up your ironed marks. (6) Stitch across the ironed mark to sew the two bias tape tails together. (7) Trim off your extra bias tape. (8) Refold the tape and pin it across the gap you left. (9) Finish stitching on your bias tape – Done!

What are your favorite bias tape projects?

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