** This post and images have been edited as of February 2016 with an updated version of this chart. **

Alright – the last Sew Essential post is here, and just as the giveaway ends. I hope to be able to tell you who won tomorrow or over the weekend.

I thought, because again – I can’t give you all something in the giveaway, that I would do up a free printable that you can use instead! I like to keep track of my girls’ measurements – because sewing genius usually strikes me at night, when I can’t measure them!

These are called the “Measure-Me Chart” because whenever I measure anyone in this house for a project one (or both) of the kids immediately run over to me and say “Measure me, Measure me!”. Aside from the obvious benefits of being more ready to sew for the kids (or grandkids!), it would be fun (and useful) to keep a series of these, one every 4-6 months, and save them in their baby books.

Download the BOY pdf here: Sew Essential #14 – Measurement Chart Boy and the GIRL pdf here: Sew Essential #14 – Measurement Chart Girl. These print easily one to a page (click the “fit to page” option when printing) or you could print them 2 or more to a page if you want to save paper.

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not profusely thank my husband for drawing the super-cute illustrations for these printables. Aren’t they great?! I’ll be back tomorrow or on the weekend with a Sew Essential roundup.