We are on vacation! I’m excited to have visited Chicago early this week and now we are relaxing in Minneapolis with family. Know any good quilt stores over here?! I’m trying to get a few photos on Instagram if you want to follow along.

When Brenda contacted me to see if I wanted to make the Sweet Talk Phone Bag pattern we were in vacation planning mode, and my kids were on my mind. This bag looked like the perfect size for a kids’ purse, and I had grand plans to make one for myself as well. I got the kids’ bags done at least – they love them – and they really are the perfect size! I got to use some fabric that I had stashed “for forever” waiting for the right project – and I’m so pleased with how they came out.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Among Brenda’s Quilts and Bags sent me the Sweet Talk Phone Bag pattern to use in this post and this is my honest opinion about it.

This pattern makes a cross-body purse with two zipped pocket areas and one front open pocket. It is interfaced with Bosal In-R-Form or byAnnie’s Soft and Stable to create a super sturdy bag – originally intended to carry your cell phone safely – and a great way to keep a nice shape in a purse. The pattern also includes instructions to make a card holder with clear pockets. I didn’t figure the kids needed one quite yet, so I skipped that part.

The instructions are well explained and easy to follow. The pattern pieces are cut out using measurements. It is fully illustrated with photos and lots of text to help explain everything. Plus I like that it was a paper pattern, so everything was already printed out and ready to go!

The original bag has options for a front flap or bow, which I fully intended to use for one of the bags. Plans were waylaid when one girl got word that the other one was going to have ruffles on the front of her bag. So it was settled, the ruffles had to be on both – of course! It was simple to add, I shortened the pocket by 2 inches and then cut a piece of fabric 4″ x double the width of the bag front. Folded it in half, gathered the raw edges and set them into the top edge of the front pocket/pocket lining. It’s pretty cute – but I have to admit I really wanted one to have a bow! Next time… these would make super-cute Birthday gifts too!

The cross-body strap (that I shortened to a 36″ kid-size) is perfect for touristing. No complaints from the kids, who are usually not very excited to carry their own things. They filled them with sunglasses, tiny clipboards and markers to keep them entertained on our Chicago Architecture Boat Tour. My youngest also wanted to bring her mp3 player with her and the front pocket was perfect for the earbuds.

They also like having multiple zippered pockets for organizing their things – so cute! I love the back pocket. I put one the “right way” and flipped the other one to better fit beside the horse on the back of the purse. #fussycut everything!

I checked to see how the bag would fit my extra-large cell phone, and it works great! I’m really excited to use some of my hoarded Japanese fabrics to make one for myself. It would be so useful for running into the grocery store – or to carry my phone and cash on summer walks with the kids. I think I might attach the straps with rings and swivel snap hooks so I can take them off and use the bag like a wallet as well.

Brenda also has lots of other really great patterns, plus she sells kits or the notions, batting and stabilizers to go with them. I really like the Voyager bag and the Around the Block Bag too. I’d really recommend that you check out this Canadian shop!

I’m back to vacation mode for a few more days, but I have more fun things next week and I’m so excited for a special bloggy event – coming super-soon! (Hint, hint… It has something to do with this!) Plus, I’ll be speaking at Quilts at the Creek on July 23/24th in Toronto – so if you are in the area I’d love to see you there.