This week I’m getting ready for Valentine’s Day, and today I thought I would share a no-sew project with you – our Valentine cards! Every year I rack my brain trying to think of something that does not involve candy, since we cannot send any to school. This year, my trip to the Dollar Store revealed that you can buy 6 glow stick bracelets for $1 – Perfect! So we had a family meeting to think up some punny, cheesy sayings using the word “glow” and I designed these cards.

My kids are crazy about glow sticks and have been after me for weeks about when they can use these. I’m pretty sure their friends will be just as excited to get them! This is a really fast project, ready to make some?

What you need:

  • Glow stick bracelets (1 per card, mine were 8″ long, 9″ with the plastic fastener)
  • Card Stock
  • Colour Printer
  • Washi or Clear Tape
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
  • Free Valentine Card Printable (click on the link to download)

What to do:

  1. Print out as many cards as you need onto the card stock. The printable pdf has 4 pages, the first has all 3 versions of the card on it. Each page after has only 1 version of the card, so you can print all of them or pick and choose which saying you like best.
  2. Cut out the cards on the gray lines. A paper cutter is helpful, but not necessary.
  3. Using the small black dots as reference, punch a hole on either side of the “happy valentine’s day” text.
  4. Insert your glow stick through the punched holes – be careful not to bend it too much or you will activate the chemicals that make the bracelet glow. (Breaking the glow sticksĀ is easier than it seems, I ruined a few bracelets before I figured out how to gently bend the paper to get the bracelet through safely.)
  5. Attach a plastic fastener to one end of the bracelet and centre it on the front of the card.
  6. Turn the card over and attach a small piece of Valentine themed washi tape or regular clear tape. This holds the paper flat and also makes sure the glow stick doesn’t slide around.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 until you have finished all of your cards – the kids will be so excited!

I think I am going to send these to school in rigid reusable plastic containers so they don’t get broken prematurely. Especially since I’m going to be making over 50 of them! I’d love to know if you end up using these, and if glow sticks aren’t your thing you can try the free printable Bubbly Valentine from last year. ‘Cuz you know – kids love bubbles too!