Disclaimer: The following poem may cause hilarious fits of laughter OR make you wonder why I am brave enough to post this on the internet. You have been warned! 

Mom, I need some cards, post haste!

There really is no time to waste.

Valentine’s is coming soon,

the day of red, pink, white – maroon!

Computer bound, I went upstairs,

(because our office is up there).

Drew a heart, scanned in a name,

Thought up a pun (it’s kind of lame).

Printed them on card stock, quick!

It’s not so hard, there is no trick.

Shopped to pick up craft supplies,

and stickered frogs with googly eyes.

Another aisle, I’ve just begun,

Some washi tape, I’m on the run.

Now more stickers and tattoos,

Almost done, this is good news!

Back at home, the kids create.

Stickers, tape (they’re not all straight).

Pretty soon you’ll have a stack,

with maybe some stuck on the back.

Share them with your family

They’ll pipe up, “from You, to Me?

Share them with your classmates too,

lots of fun from me to you!

Hee Hee! That was a lot of fun to write! If you’d like to make some of these yourself, click on the links/pics below to get the free PDF printable in two sizes, as shown in the drawings. (These also work for the teachers, just attach them to a pack of glue sticks!)


4-up on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper

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