Halloween Sewing Tip #4:

Choose inexpensive fabrics! A one-night costume doesn’t have to be fancy. Felt or broadcloth are great cheaper options, watch for sales at your local fabric stores or online!

I generally choose broadcloth (on sale) for most of my handmade costumes. It comes in lots of solid colours, is lightweight and translates well into the “clothing-type” costumes my daughters usually choose. (Princess, Princess, Princess… LOL) This year, however, my youngest wants to be a chocolate chip cookie – so I bought 4 1/2 meters of felt on sale last weekend. I’m excited to play with a new type of material I haven’t tried yet!

Sewing Tip: When sewing felt (and other fluffy Halloween fabrics like faux fur) a lot of fluff can accumulate in your bobbin case. Make sure to clean it out regularly to get the best performance from your sewing machine. Collecting fluff can put a lot of wear and tear on the mechanics over time.

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Disclaimer: I am a Canadian Janome Artisan. Janome provided artwork (with my photos) for this project and the Skyline S9 on-loan machine I am currently using. As with all the products I write about – I always tell you my own honest opinion.