The first and most exciting is that the first meeting of the …. umm…. “Friends We Know that Sew” Club… was last night. We’ve definitely got to come up with a better name for it! Everyone was commenting that they aren’t sure how to explain the …. umm…. “Club” to all of our non-sewing friends – so any suggestions (write in the comments!) would be gratefully received!

I should likely have taken  at least 1 photo of the 5 sewing machines on my dining room table and the (gorgeous) fabric and amazing projects everyone was working on. It is so much fun when you are able to talk with a whole bunch of other people that love to talk about what you love to talk about! We are super excited to have another night soon and maybe all work on the same project together over an evening.

The second exciting thing is that I stole away for a bit this afternoon to go to the fabric store. I was inspired by one of my friends’ quilt projects and have bought fabric to make a couple of quilts for my daughters. I have had the pattern for The Proverbial Quilt by Denyse Schmidt for a few years and haven’t got around to making anything with it as yet. I think I have finally come up with a saying that I like and will post more about that later.

I’ve always been “scared” to start a quilt – first I am not sure that I have the patience to finish it – and to cut out all of those pieces! Second, I am overwhelmed by the enormous options for fabric that are online. I can’t decide what to pick and so usually give up before I have ordered anything. There are just too many good fabrics! I decided today that I was just going to go and pick something at my local specialty fabric shop and not care so much! Here’s what I came up with.

Quilt 1 – Pink and Blue

This quilt will be for my older daughter. I asked her to go through my fabrics and come up with some that she liked and she ended up picking a lot of pink and blue, so that was the starting point. I bought a few new fabrics to supplement what I already had. The solid pinks will be the text, the blues are for the front of the quilt and letter backgrounds. The pinks on the bottom of the photo are for the back. I still have to go find 2 more light blues at another store to fill out the selection – the fabric I was able to find for the other quilt is a lot more varied.

Quilt 2 – Purple and Green

My youngest will be getting this quilt. She seems to like green as her favorite colour, so I went with that and purple for good contrast when reading the words.  The top solid purple/pinks will be the text, the greens for the top of the quilt and the darker purples (from the bottom of the photo) for the back.  I knew I had been saving my Heather Ross “Far Far Away 2 – Sleeping Beauty” 1/2 yard for something special and this is it. I love her fabrics, and Sleeping Beauty is perfect for a tiny person’s quilt.

So long for now, I am off to prewash my fabric – how boring! If some of it had not been washed already I suppose I could skip this step…. ah well. Maybe I’ll get a bit of time to play with it tomorrow.