Since January is almost over (say what?!) I’m going to post my almost-to-last beginner-friendly post today. So far we’ve covered off some fun beginner stuff… 

 So… how about using those skills to make a fun project? I write for the Craftsy Sewing Blog – which is a great resource, and I’m not just saying that because I write for it! In addition to selling classes, Craftsy also publishes a sewing blog with informational articles, quizzes, freebies and more. Lots to do and learn there! (+ they have a Quilting Blog, and one for knitting, baking, art…)

Anyhow, (tangent over) I wrote a round-up article recently with 12 free beginner-friendly projects and I thought I’d share it here. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t gently remind you all of some of the beginner sewing projects I’ve written too, though I am not great at self-promotion. (It just feels weird!) Here are a few things you might like, with the link to the 12 free Craftsy patterns at the bottom.

These patterns aren’t just for beginners! They make a great quick project for an experienced sewer.

Oh… and a quick plug for the very Beginner Friendly Fat Quarter Skirt pattern – since I’m right in the middle of finishing it up. It’s going to be released this Wednesday, February 1st and I can’t wait to show you the cute, cute tester photos I’m staring at right now. Be sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook so you won’t miss the pattern release!


 PLUS! Click here to get 12 more FREE Beginner Friendly Patterns!


What is your favorite beginner project or pattern?